Magnesium & Kawakawa Body Cream 50ml


This product includes 15% magnesium chloride and other complimentary ingredients chosen for their anti inflammatory, highly nourishing and moisturising properties: Aloe Vera, Hemp Seed Oil, Kawakawa, Wild unrefined shea butter and Coconut oil.

There is no water in this unique NZ made product which has now proven to be multi purpose for all kinds of aches and pains including restless legs, cramp and arthritis. See the reviews customers have shared with us at the bottom of this information.

NZ soils are low in magnesium so we need to supplement our bodies in other ways.

By using a topical product for skin absorption, the magnesium and anti inflammatory ingredients go directly to where it is needed making it an effective fast acting relief when applying directly to the area of pain or concern.

Getting enough magnesium is essential for maintaining good mental health. If you suffer from stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia you may be deficient in magnesium.

This has proven to be a great “GO TO” relief for those uncomfortable moments.

The Magnesium Spray 50% Magnesium Chloride is useful to use in conjunction with the cream for times when there is something more severe going on or if you wish to use these together as a complete magnesium supplement. This combination has proven to be very effective for those with restless legs. If used regularly together, it is common that after a while only occasional use of the Magnesium cream is required.

Applying after a bath or shower when the pores are open is the most beneficial. If tingling occurs this does not last long and can be an indication of a magnesium deficiency.