Linden Leaves Nightly Skin Rituals


Cleanse, nourish and regenerate with this gentle, moisture rich set of overnight facial care.

Certified natural and made in New Zealand from the best natural ingredients.

Ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

• Miraculous Facial oil. Certified organic it’s your skin’s best friend with anti-ageing rosehip and evening primrose oils infused with organic white tea. A daily moisturiser, a stretch mark & scar treatment and moisture booster all in one.

• Oil Makeup Remover & Cleanser — removes makeup in seconds flat and leaves your skin smooth and supple. You’ll love the very delicate floral fragrance.

• Regenerating Night Cream with marshmallow and meadowfoam this rich moisturiser creme is a “must-have” for sensitive skin sufferers or so they tell us!

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